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To start off with, I'm known by many many names, even some which people would find funny anyway most people call me Jay. I am a student studying Media Technology at uni, a course that allows me to go in-depth with art, design, animation and film-making :P

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This is my first post, hmmm anyway it has been announced that Namco and Capcom are merging efforts to create Street Fighter VS Tekken, in addition, I learned there will be two versions, one based on the fighting system on Street FIghter 4 format while the other version will be based on recent Tekken system. Let me just point out, although this is a big announcement on the Fighting Game Genre, is it just me or would Tekken Fighters be at a disadvantage because most if not all Street Fighter characters have some form of projectile moves, eg Ryu, Ken, Chun-li, Sakura, Bison (well he does have psycho power right?) erm Rose, Gen...can't remember other fighters abilities, but on the plus side, it would be great seeing great fighters from both titles face off e.g Kazuya vs Ryu (tekken and street fighter iconic fighters), Chun-Li and Nina (Both titles sexiest female characters), Heihachi vs Akuma/Gouken (Heihachi is sorta similar bad-ass character to Akuma in my opinion but Heihachi and Gouken seem to be similar as well.) Maybe for fun, Fei Long vs Law (Both titles 'Bruce Lee' incarnations) or Ken vs Paul Phoenix (Battle of Hard-Nut blondes lol)

Anyway although I will look forward to this release, I believe I am looking forward more towards the Release of the new Mortal Kombat game, where the game will return to it gory and violent origins, new brutal elements including new or classic fatalities, brutalities, 'X-ray'ed moves where viewers can see internal damage also, character appear beaten, cut, bruised etc after different attacks etc. Anyway, a game title that I have waiting for and I'm sure most Newground users also is Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter. (Probably just me but there are alot of flash videos involving fights between the two titles). Ryu vs Liu Kang (Battle of the fireball projectiles), Ken vs Kung Lao, Chun-Li vs Sonya Blade. Again another battle between both titles lead sexy ;) Just my opinion the Battle of Epic Awesomeness...Akuma VS Scorpion...maybe some plot where Akuma sent to Nether-realm to pay for his sins there he clashes with Scorpion, great ninja hell spawn. Maybe another story line, where Akuma looking for great opponents fought the Shirai Ryu and Lin Kuei, Scorpion wanting vengeance tracks him down and battle....or maybe they just fight on an epic scale just for the sake of it :P

Anyway with the news of Street Fighter vs Tekken (two different versions) and Mortal Kombat returning to it origins, Marvel Vs Capcom 3 as well coming out. I feel Fighting Games are returning to its raw glory. Thing can only look up now...I hope...anyway leave comments on who you like to see fight between Street Fighter and Tekken, or Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighters.



<http://ofwnow.com/fun/games-fun/capco m-vs-namco-street-fighter-x-tekken/530 8>

Street FIghter Vs Tekken, Mortal Kombat...

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